Silent Protest for Severance

Wall Street killed Toys R Us and laid off 30,000+ workers. We're fighting back and we're demanding what we're owed – severance.

During the LAST WEEK of our stores being open, we are calling on all Toys R Us workers across the country to participate:

1. Pick a day to host a Silent Protest for Severance

2. Create signs using blank paper or liquidation signage to tape throughout the store or tape to the back of your uniform. Encourage your coworkers to do the same! Some ideas for signs: "Losing my job without severance" and "Wall Street is the reason we're closing" and "Who's going to pay my bills?" – be creative!

3. Take photos and videos. Send them to so we can make a collage of all the protests in every store.

Are you in? Register here to organize a Silent Protest for Severance:

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