How Wall Street Bought Toys ‘R’ Us And Left 30,000 People Without Jobs

The toy company's bankruptcy left 30,000 people without jobs — or severance. As Wall Street deals to buy rusty retail companies collapse, minimum-wage workers stand to lose the most..


At Toys ‘R’ Us, a $200 Million Debt Problem Could Lead to $348 Million in Fees

The swift collapse of Toys “R” Us has been particularly painful for the company’s employees, more than 30,000 of whom will lose their jobs.


Toys “R” Us employees demand severance for 33,000

After more than three decades of working at Toys "R" Us, store manager Tracy Forbes isn't happy that she and 33,000 other workers are losing their jobs and not getting severance pay, while the company's private-equity owners are walking off with millions. And she's trying to do something about it.


Toys “R” Us promotes nostalgic selfies while employee unrest boils

As playtime ends for Toys “R” Us, customers are being invited to attend the bankrupt company’s final sales and snap nostalgic selfies with a Geoffrey the Giraffe banner and the #alwaysatrukid hashtag. Former workers may find themselves using a different hashtag: #severancepay.


Toys R Us workers fight for severance while executives walk away with millions

More than 30,000 Toys R Us workers are helping the brand through its liquidation process, and on top of not having a job once Toys R Us shutters for good, they also won’t receive any severance. These workers are now rallying for the failed toy company to pay them severance in a petition that already has more than 50,000 signatures.