Show up for a fair workweek in Washington

Our bills like rent and groceries don’t go away – no matter how much it snows! We shouldn’t have to risk our safety to get to work, or lose wages when our stores close. Our CEO still gets paid when it snows, why can’t the rest of the employees get paid too?

We deserve a workweek we can count on. Every week we struggle with constantly changing work hours and not enough hours to pay our bills. But right now we have the opportunity to change it all - we can win a fair workweek across Washington.

This Monday, February 11, working people across our state are showing up at a Senate hearing on the fair workweek bill to demand our elected officials pass statewide protections. Sign up below to join us at the hearing, or, if you can’t make it, to join us in the fight for control over our workweek and our lives.

We will arrange your travel or cover the cost of your transportation.

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