Has your Whole Foods store changed since Amazon?

Amazon recently announced a starting wage of $15 an hour for all employees, including at Whole Foods. What's more, since Amazon acquired Whole Foods last summer, Whole Foods team members have reported significant changes in their stores. We want to hear about the changes from you! The good, the bad, the ugly.

This survey is being conducted by Rise Up Retail, an online community of people who work in retail across the country. Your answers will remain confidential and will not be shared with Whole Foods.

Are you currently a Whole Foods team member? *
Did you work at Whole Foods before Amazon bought it in August 2017? *
Has Amazon changed any of your benefits since the increase? *
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Since Amazon bought Whole Foods in the summer of 2017, did you: *
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Did your store layoff team members? *
How has Amazon buying Whole Foods affected team members overall in your store? *
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