Rise Up Toys R Us


Tens of thousands of families are facing a financial crisis. 33,000 Toys R Us workers will lose their jobs as a direct result of Wall Street greed. We’re fighting back. We demand severance pay for all Toys R Us employees and accountability for the Wall Street speculators who destroyed the company. 


Hear workers share their story with Bernie Sanders in this viral video.

Toys R Us Wall Street owners KKR & Co., Bain Capital, and Vornado Realty Trust bankrupted the company with $5 billion in debt and pocketed hundreds of millions for themselves. Last year the company filed for bankruptcy and recently announced its liquidation, closing all stores and laying off 33,000 employees. The worst part? Creditors, including Solus Alternative Asset Management and Angelo Gordon, turned down possible buyers earlier this year that could have saved thousands of jobs.


What we’re fighting for:



Severance pay for the 33,000 Toys R Us workers.
KKR, Bain Capital, and Vornado looted Toys R Us of $470 million over the years, forced workers and their families into financial crisis, and robbed us of our favorite toy store. Laid-off workers are owed $70 million dollars in severance pay that they were promised. 



Wall Street accountability. 
We are moving policymakers to protect workers, our families, and our communities. We call on Congress to take bold policy action to regulate Wall Street to stop them from killing jobs and hurting our families. Predatory Wall Street firms pushed hundreds of thousands of retail workers from their jobs when they bankrupted employers like Sports Authority, Payless, Gymboree, and now Toys R Us. 



Greater voice in the future.
Retail is changing and 16 million hardworking people need to have a say in our jobs and in our workplaces. We are fighting for a voice in the industry and a voice in our democracy. Join our movement.


How the campaign started

Toys R Us workers from across the country started this campaign with a petition with now over 60,000 signatures. Since then, we’ve grown into a full-blown movement! Watch our campaign video here. 

We’ve gone to Washington D.C. to meet with our members of Congress and we took over the lobby of the American Investment Council. We have shown up to dozens of public pension funds to meet with the investors of KKR and Bain to ask for their support. We've marched on Wall Street and taken our fight directly to the doorstep of CEO Dave Brandon. We are determined to win justice for the 33,000 families whose lives were thrown into financial crisis after the bankruptcy.

We are sick and tired of big corporations hurting our families and communities. We know you are too. Join Us.