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MONEY: Sears Just Avoided Bankruptcy — But Workers Have a List of Demands

Chicago Tribune: Sears will live on under Chairman Edward Lampert, who ‘has nine lives, it seems’ -

FOX Business: Sears back in court as employees tell the judge not to 'be a pawn in Lampert's game'

CNN: Sears bankruptcy: Who will run the company if it survives?

USA Today: Sears, Kmart employees to bankruptcy judge: Don't let Sears 'be a pawn in Lampert's game'

CNBC: Sears unsecured creditors challenge claim Lampert's bid will save about 45,000 jobs

Washington Post: Toys R Us workers are training Sears workers to fight for severance

USA Today: Will Sears survive? 5 things to watch at Monday's hearing to decide the company's fate

BBC: Fighting back against the billionaires

Bloomberg: Eddie Lampert's Offer to Keep Sears Soap Opera Alive Gets Court Airing

CBS: Elizabeth Warren makes billionaire's bid for bankrupt Sears a campaign issue

Washington Post: CEO's latest bid to save Sears would leave pensioners high and dry, government says

MONEY: ‘I Have No Hope.’ Sears Workers Are Worried About Their Jobs After Eddie Lampert’s Takeover

FOX Business: Sears employees upset over Lampert’s bid win

Vox: Sears’s former CEO is preventing a liquidation. He was largely responsible for the company’s bankruptcy.

MONEY: Meet Eddie Lampert, the Billionaire Investor Who Once Negotiated His Way Out of a Kidnapping and Is Now Trying to Save Sears

Bloomberg: Eddie Lampert Uses Sears Workers as Fulcrum in Renewed Rescue Package

Washington Post: Sears sees last-gasp rescue bid as it barrels toward total collapse

Retail Dive: Former Toys R Us employees receive hardship fund checks

NY Post: Ex-Toys ‘R’ Us staffers start receiving checks from hardship fund

Vox: After Sears declared bankruptcy, employees’ severance stopped. Now they’re fighting for back pay.

The Guardian: Laid-off Sears workers left with nothing – and they say wealthy bosses are to blame

Wall Street Journal: Sears Workers Copy Toys ‘R’ Us Severance Playbook

Bloomberg: Sears Workers, Galvanized by Toys ‘R’ Us, Ask for Bankruptcy Assurances

NPR Marketplace: How Toys R Us workers got the retailers private equity owners to pay severance

Washington Post: Toys R Us comes crawling back just in time for the holidays

Vox: Thousands of Toys R Us workers are getting severance, following months of protests

Wall Street Journal: Bain, KKR Establish Severance Fund for Toys 'R' Us Workers

Associated Press: Former Toys R Us workers to get $20M in hardship fund

Washington Post: $20 million fund set aside for laid-off Toys R Us workers

Buzzfeed News: Toys 'R' Us Set Up A $20 Million Fund for Employees It Laid Off

Toronto Star: For jobless Toys 'R' Us workers, $20 million is nowhere near enough

Huffington Post: How Laid-Off Toys R Us Workers Came Together To Fight Wall Street

Bloomberg: Toys 'R' Us Bankruptcy Plan Ties Payouts to Manager Lawsuits

CNN: Hedge Funds have killed Sears and many other retailers

Washington Post: Toys R Us brings back Geoffrey the Giraffe -- and its laid off employees are furious

Bloomberg: Fired workers find no friends in Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy lenders

Wall Street Journal: Who Killed Toys ‘R’ Us? Hint: It Wasn’t Only Amazon

Financial times: Toys r us workers press investors for hardship fund

Axios: Pro Rata

Politico: What’s ahead for EB-5?

Bloomberg: Toys `R' Us Workers Go to Congress to Seek Curbs on Buyout Firms

Fox News: The Next Revolution w/Steve Hilton – Sunday, July 22

Bloomberg: Toys ‘R’ Us Workers to Seek Higher Priority Status for Severance

Washington Post: 4 states sue over cap on federal deductions for state and local taxes

AJ+: Toys R Us didn't go bankrupt just because of Amazon. This is what really happened

New York Post: Retail workers are struggling to make ends meet

In These Times: After Wall Street’s Destruction of Toys ‘R’ Us, Pension Funds May Divest From Private Equity

Wall Street Journal: Lawmakers Question KKR, Bain Capital Over Toys ‘R’ Us Failure

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Law360: Lawmakers Question PE Firms Over Toys 'R' Us Collapse

Axios: Democrats push private equity for Toys "R" Us worker severance

The New York Times: At Toys R Us 'There's Nothing Left.' The Day it Closed for Good

Newsweek: Toys R Us Employees Fight Severance Pay, Stores Close, Executives Get Bonuses

CNN Money: Toys R Us Employees Protest Lack of Severance Pay

Associated Press: Good Bye Geoffrey, Toys R Us Closing its Last Stores

NPR Marketplace: Toys R Us Employees are Fighting for Severance Pay

Wall Street Journal: Minnesota Puts KKR on Ice Over Toys 'R' Us

Bloomberg State: Pension Funds Questions KKR on Roles in Toys 'R' Us Demise

CNN: Toys R Us Will Close for Good This Week

Washington Post: ‘How can they walk away with millions and leave workers with zero?’: Toys R Us workers say they deserve severance

CNBC: Toys R Us employees fight for severance pay

CNN: Toys 'R' Us employees protest lack of severance pay

CBS News: Toys "R" Us workers take pay demands to Wall Street

The Atlantic: How Private Equity Helped Kill Toys ‘R’ Us

The Nation: Toys ‘R’ Us Workers Take on Private Equity Barons: ‘You Ought to Be Ashamed’

Bloomberg: Tears ‘R’ Us: The World’s Biggest Toy Store Didn’t Have to Die

USA Today OpEd by a NJ Rep. Pascrell: Amazon Didn't Kill Toys R Us Wall Street Profiteers Buzzfeed: How Wall Street Bought Toys R Us and Left 30,000 People without Jobs

The New York Times: Toys ‘R’ Us Says It Will Close or Sell All U.S. Stores

NPR: What a Chapter 11 retail bankruptcy looks like on the ground

Wall Street Journal: Toys ‘R’ Us Tells Workers It Will Likely Close All U.S. Stores

Reuters: Toys 'R' Us seeks to halt vendor payments ahead of liquidation

NPR: Toys R Us and why the retail downturn is all about debt

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Institutional Investor: Sears Employees Make Their Own Demands of Eddie Lampert

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The Toy Book: ESL Investments Officially Scores Winning Bid for Sears, Kmart

Retail Dive: Sears employees push for severance pay

Barron's: Toys ‘R’ Us Workers Are Taking on the Hedge Funds They Say Cost Them Their Jobs

Forbes: Just in Time for Black Friday: $20 Million to Toys R Us Workers

CNN Business: Toys 'R' Us owners will hand out $20 million severance to employees

Money Magazine: "Suddenly I Have Purpose Again.' Former Toy 'R' Us Employees Are Spending the Holidays Fighting for Their Severance Pay

Fortune: Former Toys 'R' Us Workers Will Recieve $20 Million via a Hardship Fund

CBS Money Watch: $20 million severance fund started for Toys R Us workers

Financial Times: KKR and Bain to pay $20m to former Toys R Us employees

CNN Business: Bankrupt Sears wants to give executives $19 million in bonuses

CBS Money Watch: Toys R Us to open holiday pop-ups in 600 Kroger Stores

National Real Estate Investor: Toys ‘R’ Us Workers Face Harsh Reality in Quest for Severance

Chain Store Age: Toys ‘R’ Us settles with ‘some’ creditors Toys ‘R’ Us Workers Take on Private Equity Vultures

Pitchbook: Bain Capital, KKR Should Pay up for Toys R Us Let Down (opinion)

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Financial Times: KKR/pension plans: throwing their toys

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Boing Boing: Private equity bosses took $200m out of Toys R Us and crashed the company, lifetime employees got $0 in severance

Naked Capitalism: Private Equity Kills Toys R Us, Workers Get No Severance

Global Toys News: Former Toys R Us Employees Protest in Manhattan for Severance

Local Press

KWQC: Former Moline Kmart Worker speaks out about mistreatment of employees

KJZZ: Metro Phoenix Woman Fights For Toys R Us Workers' Severance Pay

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BC News FL: Toys R Us Employees Fight No Severance Pay as Stores Set to Close this Week

WPTV Channel 5 FL: Toys R Us Employees Not Getting Severance Pay

Palm Beach Post: Local Toys R Us Workers Fume About No Severance Pay as Stores Close

New Jersey FM Radio 101.5: Toys R Us Employees Still Fighting for Severance Pay

Telemundo FL: Toys R Us Cerrara Tiendas en Florida

12 News Phoenix: Inside one of the last remaining Babies R Us stories in the valley

Ohio WKBN TV: ToysR Us Employees Fighting For Severance Pay After Store Set to Close

NJ Star Ledger: Toys R Us employees deserve a severance from greedy Wall Street profiteers | Editorial

NJ Star Ledger: Corporate raiders ruined lives as they destroyed Toys 'R' Us, politicians say

Bergen Record: Senators, congressman blast the way Toys R Us workers were treated, demand severance pay

Bergen Record: Senators, congressman blast capitalists who drove Toys R Us to liquidation

NBC NY: Toys R Us Layoffs Draw the Attention of New Jersey Senators, Congressman

CBS Local: Toys ‘R’ Us Employees Rally For Severance Pay In North Jersey

Pix 11: Toys R Us workers rally for severance pay in NJ

News 12: Toys R Us workers stage store takeover to protest lack of severance

WNYC: Laid-off Toys 'R' Us Employees Protest for Severance

WNYC: Game Over: The Collapse of Toys ‘R’ Us

NJ Politico Playbook: BUDGET NEGOTIATIONS collapse — ACCUSATIONS lobbed in final stretch of NJ primaries — GARRETT quietly hired for $215K government job created just for him

News 12 NJ: Toys R Us workers fight for severance as company shuts down

ABC 7: Toys R Us employees rally for severance at store in New Jersey

NJ 101.5: North Jersey Toys R Us Workers 'Takeover' Store for Severance Pay

NJ Patch: Federal Reps Demand Severance Pay For 33,000 Toys R Us Workers

Parsippany Focus: Candidate Tamara Harris commends Congress Members regarding Toys R Us

WXXI: Connections: Can brick-and-mortar stores survive in the age of Amazon?

WBGO (NJ NPR): Toys R Us Employees Protest For Severance Pay

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News Herald (MI): Wyandotte Man fights for Toys R Us Workers to Get Severance Pay

Minnesota Star Tribune: Minnesota Pension Board Looks at Private Equity Strategy

Pix 11: Toys R Us workers rally for severance pay in NJ