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Dear Mr. Lampert,

We are writing on behalf of current and former Sears and Kmart employees around the country whose collective hard work and years of service built our iconic Sears and Kmart brands.

You have said that “a future for Sears is the only way to preserve tens of thousands of jobs and bring continued economic benefits to the many communities across the United States that are touched by Sears and Kmart stores,” and we couldn’t agree more. For us, a viable, sustainable Sears is not only plausible, but imperative, for far too many of our families’ livelihoods and our communities are dependent on it. As former and current employees, we are equally deeply invested in the future success of the company, and many of us have dedicated years if not decades to rebuild Sears and Kmart’s prominence because we, too, believe in our company’s immense potential.

During last October’s town hall, you said that you take responsibility for the mistakes made along the way, and more recently you stated that you have “cared deeply about the company, its associates and the people they serve.” We write to ask that you show us in your actions. For more than a decade, we have helplessly watched on the sidelines as our stores fell apart with little capital investment from corporate. Many of us continued to work with no raises as nearly 90% of Sears and Kmart stores were shuttered and profitable brands and intellectual property were sold off. Many of us have had our lives turned upside down and fallen into economic crisis  as our stores were shut down and we waited patiently for the meager severance checks that never arrived.

We ask that you meet with us to listen to our ideas to rebuild a greater, more prosperous Sears for all of us, as well as how to support those whose jobs were recently destroyed to make sure they can get back on their feet. Specifically, we would like to work with you to ensure that:  

    1. Current employees and community leaders have a seat at the table in the form of corporate board representation to help ensure the success of our company.

    2. An independent hardship fund is established to support ALL employees whose jobs were destroyed by store closures since 2018.

We look forward to your response.

Current and former Sears and Kmart employees
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