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To: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, CFO Brian Olsavsky, and VP Global Customer Fulfillment John Felton
From: Amazon associates across the country

On October 2nd, 2018, Amazon announced that it was raising base pay for associates to a minimum of $15 and hour. This announcement was huge for the hundreds of thousands of associates who work at our fulfillment centers and in our Whole Foods stores.

With the wage increase, Amazon eliminated two benefits Variable Compensation Pay (VCP) and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) that gave associates a stake in the success of the company and provided long term financial security for ourselves and our families. After all was said and done, the change in pay structure and benefits for many was a pay cut!

As associates we work hard to process over one billion orders for our customers each year and Jeff Bezos, as the richest man on the planet, can easily afford to provide a $15 an hour minimum wage AND give Amazon associates VCP and RSUs so that we can provide for our families.